Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rainbow Brite

Rainbows, Rainbows, Everywhere!! This picture is with flash (obviously), I got home and out of the shower well after 10 pm so I could kiss natural day light photos goodbye! I do want to try this look again during the day time, just so I can get better pictures.

What's used you asked!?
UDPP all over the lid/lower lash line
M.A.C.'s Chrome Yellow in inner 1/2 lid
M.A.C.'s Rule on outer 1/2 lid
M.A.C.'s Passionate in crease
M.A.C.'s Pink Venus to blend out passionate
Toki Doki's Diamonte as highlight.
(quick glimpse of max!)
M.A.C's Overgrown on inner 1/4 lower lash line
M.A.C.'s Jewel Blue on the remaining lash line
M.A.C.'s Endless Love underneath Jewel Blue on outer lash line.
M.A.C.'S Fluidline in Blacktrack
M.A.C's Zoomlash in Black

I do apologize for the pictures they're not the best, but you can somewhat see how I placed them all!
It was a pretty awesome turnout I do say though.

I also went for round two, the next night with the same group of friends, but I completely blitzed out and forgot to take pictures of it. Which oddly enough, I found out, that it looks scarily like Jangsara's lastest creation. (Black with a magenta/fuschia in the crease) I didn't even plan that, or know that she did that look!! Great minds think alike, I suppose :D
Oh well, I hope you enjoy this one, it was so much fun to do, and even more fun to rock ;]


  1. Ahh so BRIGHT and pretty :D

    You're making me tempted to get my septum pierced you know... Gahhhh.

  2. hahaha oh darn!? you should totally go for it! it didn't really hurt either!

  3. So vibrant and colourful. Awesome job. It looks amazing on you!

  4. loving the colour combinations! It's winter where i am so i have to tone down on my makup colours :p maybe when summer finally comes around i'll try somethign this bright too