Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blue Skies, Blue Eyes

I've been on a bit of a blue kick lately, which is odd for me. Blue eyeshadow typically scares the bajeebus out of me. It's a harder color to pull off, blend, and well just over all, use.

 I was watching Petrilude's channel on YouTube, and he did a look using neon blue and a bright yellow color. I tried that and it look pretty much god awful, plus I was going to work and I didn't need to look like I just stepped off of the street corner. So! I slapped some "Humid" on top of the "Chrome Yellow" I originally had on my lid, and it came out this really pretty green color hahah. I blended "Jewel Blue" in the crease and I put it on top of my UD 24/7 Liner in the royal blue color. I fudge up with the liner, but meh, it was just a Sunday evening shift. I wasn't entirely too worried!


  1. I think the blue looks great on you, it really makes your eyes pop. I wish people wouldn't be so scared of blue! Its pink that scares me!

  2. Blue tends to scare a lot of gals. For me, blues are totally wearable if you stick with a nude/neutral lip. Otherwise it can turn into an 80's prostitute look...which is scary.
    This turned out looking really nice on you. :-)

  3. Eden, pink on us pale kids tends to make us look like we're sicker than a dog!! i feel ya pain!

    Blix, i toooooootally get where you're coming from! I'm always afraid i'm going to look like mimi bobeck from the drew carey show. hahaha.
    but i thank ya for the compliment :D