Friday, May 28, 2010

3D sparkle dupe!?

I was (well, still am) obsessing over M.A.C.'s 3D Silver glitter, and since I can't exactly run over the closest pro store, i had to get a little creative with it. 

SO! If you use Pot's n Pan's NYX jumbo eye pencil all over your lid, and then put ben nye's silver sparkle pigment and some silver ring by M.A.C. you can get the silver hues. Then you put some wet n' wild white sparkle atop and viola! 3D silver glitter for the poor kid :]]

I couldn't find my visine to adhere my glitter, so i used eyelash glue all over my lid. B-A-D  I-D-E-A.
The first eye was fine, but the second eye, I used the same finger already coated in eyelash glue to apply it, and it started getting all clumpy and rolling up on me. Plus my liner didn't really stick like it typically does. 
But all in all, it was worth the lesson. I'm going to try this again once I can locate my handy dandy oh so red eye clearing visine, and pray to god it works out a bit better :\

you can see in the crease, where I was talking about the glue "rolling" up on me. 

For crease color I used, M.A.C.'s nocturnelle, and sketch

here's a pretty awesome one of my guy 

aaaaaand one of my cat

she looks so mad! 


  1. I just bought some 3D glitter off one of those wholesale/discontinued sites... hope to god its not fake but it was only £5. I hope not because I can't get wet and wild here either!

    You cat and your man are adorable :)

  2. You neeeeeed to get some Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy for sticking glitter to the lids! Honest :)

    Orrr I sometimes use pure glycerin, because I have some mooching about to make homemade mixing medium with. I did that once and it worked well :)

    Haha your cat and your bf are cute.

  3. I agree, get yoself some Pixie Epoxy for sticking glitter to the lid. :) Gorgeous look!

  4. I've seen some posts and threads talking about the Pixie Epoxy, so i'll just have to break down when i have the money and pick some up! i loooooove glitter looks! my boyfriend hates it, because by the time the day is done, more is on him than me. :D

    thank ya kindly, i like to think they're both a bunch of cuties :D

  5. Ooh...yeah eyelash glue is not good for anything but applying lashes and rhinestones. I use Pixie Epoxy or NYX Jumbo Pencils as bases for glitter. Check out my bloggity blog for my glitter looks:

    The look is still NICE even if it was difficult to work with.

    I wore a glitter look yesterday and it was all over my husband's face. Ha!

    Your guy looks happy and comfy and your kitty looks not so happy!

  6. My word verification for my comment above was "devil". Ha!