Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here fishy fishy fishy!

This look was done a while ago, but I figured I'd post it anyways :]
It was the first time I really got my fake eyelashes to stick! Now I need more pairs -__- hahah.

I used The All Natural Face's gel liner in peacock as a base all over my lid, and then put M.A.C.'s Azreal Blue on top of it, then put Stars n' Rockets i believe in the crease . i'm not 100 percent on this but oh well. Hopefully I'll be able to recreate it one day hahaha

I apologize for the lack of brow upkeep in these photos, it's been taken care of since, I promise you!

and here's a picture of my cut crease attempt. It's super awful right?! Oh well, we all have to learn sometime and some where!!


  1. your brows look a lot better than mine... i hate plucking my brows and it so expensive to get them done professionally :p
    love the looks especially the first one! :)

  2. thank you! :] the best thing i've ever invested for my brows is that illuminating trimmer (basically a lady's razor that's battery powered) it comes with a brow attachment for a long and short side and then you can just leave it off for a close "shave". i use that for my unibrow part, and underneath for shaping them up. it cost me about 10 bucks at walmart!

  3. I love the colors!
    I hate fake eyelashes, I can never get them to stick!

  4. thank ya!
    i used to hate them, and it took me a good 15 minutes to fumble to get them on both. not too bad considering half the time i wind up with them stuck to my forehead >.<

  5. I think both looks are so lovely. With a cut crease, use a brush that has some sort of point and apply the shadow with the point aimed downward into the crease. Sweep the colour along the crease line, keeping the point aimed into the crease. Coastal scents pink crease brush works really well for that. :-)