Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i suck at updating.

holy shit balls i REALLY suck at keeping this updated! I guess i feel bad cause i don't wear my makeup everyday. ::shrugs:: at any rate, this look was a lot of fun to do! Super shimmery, and i love love love gold. and plum. this combo is really getting my heart racing lately!

Products used:
hard candy foiled again - spirited
MAC- gorgeous gold
MAC- cranberry
MAC- woodwinked
MAC- sketch
Wet n Wild e/s shimmer - white frost
Wet n Wild liner - bronzed
Sephora glitter liner - gold
UD Heavy Metal Glitter Liner - distortion

And apparently the portal to hell is inside my linen closet, through the file cabinet.


  1. The bottom picture made me lol, so hard.
    Love the look... ooooh, sparkly :)

  2. dont' worry i sux at updating too cos i normally don't get time until weekends :(
    i think you should just go at your own pace.

  3. hahaha..lmfao on that last pic!!!! Great look btw..I love the color combo..I own all those colors too so think I will have to try the look!

  4. Oh AWESOME! I've never had luck with the coppery-bronzes, but it matches your hair gorgeously!

    Love the last pic. My cat does that on top of one of my bookshelves. The only way you actually SEE him up there is if you happen to be going up or downstairs, look over, and there just.... glowing EYEEEEEEEEEEEEEES, and maybe a tail hanging over the edge of this 9 or 10 foot shelf.