Friday, July 2, 2010

New beginnings!

hot diggity dog! i finally got a job :]]]]]]
i work for Teavana now, so i essentially just sell tea. all day. every day. and it's fantastic.

Also! I got to venture out to the black market caviar shin dig promoting some chick's t-shirt design, that was pretty fun (thats the look above that i wore in). they had a pop up hair salon there, and she was absolutely fantastic!

she did pin curls on me :] i fell in love, and had so many compliments from it!!! :]] 
i have to learn how to do this on myself hahaha. YT vids just don't do it justice though.


at any rate, i also made this cute halter top out of my over sized shadows fall t-shirt.
oh how i love recycling and re designing!

here, have a look see :


i absolutely love this shirt! the fine print underneath reads
"beating up emo kids since 1997" <3
absolute love.

i do apologize from the lack of posts! i've been a bit stressed out and my looks have been fairly boring due to the job hunt, but since Teavana doesn't care about hair/makeup/modifications i should be doing some more fun looks that are more me :]

oh! and expect a hair cut.



  1. You look like Hayley Williams in the 2nd pic, lmao. I hope you don't find that not to be a compliment =P
    The whole recycling idea is really cool -- I wish I had the patience. I have some old Tool shirts that I'd like to salvage but I'm scared to cut them!
    Congrats on the job!

  2. Thank you darling :] no worries, i think hayley is stunning so for you to say that makes me smile. haha

    It really took only about 10 minutes to do. Granted i also didn't come up with this idea on my own, i went to YT and watched Itsblitzzz channel. she has tons and tons of different designs to do. Just practice on an old tshirt you never wear before you go into your TOOL collection!

  3. I've always thought you looked like Hayley too. Your hair is fucking boss too. Link to the shirt tutorial pleeeease, my Lego Star Wars shirts need to be actually worn...