Monday, August 2, 2010

alas! another update!!

I tend to go hiatus after like 2 posts, ahhaha oh well. shit happens and life goes on!
Here's a look i did the other day, it's a purple MAC look with UD 24/7 liners in deviant

and then this one i did today for work, it's so tropical looking!! i fell in love with it, and i had a ton of compliments on it as well :D

and this is a rainbow look i did like a week and a half ago, but i REALLY like how it turned out.
i know i already have one post of a rainbow look, but i feel like each time i do it, it just gets better and better.
thats what practice is for right!? RIGHT

i'm starting to actually use mascara on my lower lash line as well. which is new to me. usually it gets all goopy and clumpy and just all around disgusting looking, and i have to wipe it all off and re-do all my shadow again.

such a long post this time around! enjoy ladies :]]


  1. awesome looks!! the purple one is my fave!!!

  2. Love your tropical bright and cheerful :)

  3. That tropical look is AWESOME on you, with the new hair color!

    Do you tap the mascara onto the lower lashes, or pull it? I HAVE to tap it-my lower lashes are long, and thick, and if I do anything but tap it in at the roots, it looks REALLY raccoon-y and overdone. But yeah, I just tap at the outer corner a few times, and then tap once at the inner corner. It usually gets a slight coat at the roots that looks contour-y but not as heavy as top-lash coats do. There's just something about a little mascara in the bottom corner that just..... finishes a look. Plus, unless your face shape is REALLY prominently boned, the cheeks just look odd without having a stronger divider with the eye. That's personal opinion though. I'm never quite sure why people avoid putting color on the lower lashes.

  4. thank all of you lovely ladies! i actually just brush the wand against my lashes lightly. to get a bit of color to take but i'm going to try tapping instead! it seems like i always get little dots and smudges under the lashes on the color on my lash line and it ruins it -___-.
    but i'll try your method today and get back to ya!

  5. wow these look awesome!

    New follower here too! :)